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What Religion Smells Like

Sometimes Early on a cold Sunday morning in the first quarter of the year I will turn left and walk up the road to the church Then left again through the gates into the garden I will pace ten grey slabs of the path And enter by a narrow opening, One great oak door heaved […]

Sweet Right Foot

  I was not able to give you the gift of mathematics The gift of music The gift of patience and kindness Maybe they came from somewhere else in the gene pool Maybe it was nurture not nature   But I like to think that one of my genes slipped from my generation to yours […]

The Gospel According To Agnes

‘I think of the polo mint when I think of my lowest moments. For several months a few years back I was so poor that some days all I had to eat was a polo mint. This was after my husband had left me. Our marriage had gone wrong, he’d started hitting me, battering me. […]

Front Door

It’s 7.49 am You’ve just gone out the front door You pulled it hard to catch the lock It didn’t catch so I walked towards it To give it a push As I reached out to push You reached back, to give it a pull, I saw you through the stained glass Reaching back, even […]


                              what are you like? like someone who coughs while hiding, said the mystic, (talking like one) like a burglar in the dark stepping on a loose floorboard a bird rustling her clothes in motionless branches the opening bars of a […]

How to Lose Your Life

A small book of words and pictures made with Rob Pepper.

Conversation (With A Child in Care)

He thinks. He says. A VW Camper. I think. I say. Not counting cars. He thinks. He says. A dog, my own dog. I think. I say. Not counting dogs. He thinks. (Maybe for the right answer. Maybe for the true answer.) He thinks. He says. What I want Is a family that will love […]

The Name

  The name beyond all names The name we are all called and rarely know The name of the rose or anything with a scent (Before words were invented) The name of all the life we cannot take in The name you don’t know you’ve been given yourself The name of the game, winning or […]


In London on the evening of Friday April 20th ? We’re hosting an evening of lo-fi music and hi-fi words with Iain Archer, Karen Grace and Anthony Wilson.  

Hymn for Good Friday

‘You are, you are, you are… dark.’ The very fine singer-songwriter Luke Sital-Singh messaged me out of the blue a couple of weeks ago: ‘I took the liberty of making a song from your poem Dark. Changed a couple of lines to make it sing better. Hope you like…’ Considering the piece is called ‘Dark’, […]