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A Small Book Of Poems

Every now and again a small anthology of poets meet up with a small chorus of singer-songwriters and we create an evening called ‘Lyrical’. It’s about celebrating the undiscovered possibilities in words, read or sung. Five of us have now made a small book, offering a  lyrical twist on events we might ordinarily pass by […]

‘We Recently Had A Daughter – Now She’s 21’

‘It’s no longer called the age of ‘majority’, when you passed from being a minor to a major. But it remains a liminal moment, with a freedom to do now what you might never be able to do again. And it makes a parent wonder if he can throw any light on the road that […]

Lo-fi poets and hi-fi singer-songwriters: another night of LYRICAL coming up in north London next week. Love words? Spoken or sung ? Beth Rowley, Katherine Venn, Anthony Wilson and Iain Archer will have some of the finest words available for delivery on a Friday night in March. Opening around 7.30, we’ll be raising some funds […]

‘A More Promising View Of History’

Good morning – and here is the news. Smallpox has been eradicated and polio is almost gone. If you’re a woman in sub-Saharan Africa you’ll probably live till you’re 57 – sixteen years more than your grandmother, who might have made it to 41. Actually, none of that is really the news because it didn’t […]

‘While Stocks Last…’

‘Faith enlightens the path behind you but, as a rule, in front of you it is still dark.’ The words of the Franciscan friar Richard Rohr capture many of the stories of faith and doubt in the second volume of The Gospel According To Everyone. The sister who lost her brother to cancer. The artist […]

For Remembrance Day

‘It was freezing cold in the ice and snow on our second morning in the Italian Alps, and that’s when the Germans attacked. They came roaring down the hill, in a hail of gunfire, grenades and mortar bombs. It was 1943 and I was the 20 year-old toff who’d just taken command of this platoon […]

Lyrical Sunday

In London this Sunday, October 20th ? We’re hosting an evening of lo-fi music and hi-fi words with Iain Archer, Rhian Roberts, Dust Jackets and Rick Leigh. Raising funds for Women@thewell.

Faith, hope and love in the life of the person sitting next to you

‘It can be deadly living rough. You’re not safe anywhere. Anyone can come and kick you or stab you. People can be on drink or drugs, they can be out of control. No-one is safe. If I wasn’t in the shelter tonight, I’d probably be sleeping out in some church grounds, or somewhere a bit […]

Parables of Faith and Doubt

The reading today is from the life of a sixty-something woman caring for her eighty-something mother. It’s  about how she loses her a little more every day and finds a place for her tears in church. It’s from the life of a homeless man who interrogates the immortal, invisible for failing to provide a roof […]

The Gospel According To Everyone (Vol II)

What if the Gospel wasn’t a book but a person? The one sitting next to you. What if the gospel truth was found in the honest faith and doubt of a life like yours? The sister who lost her brother to cancer. The war hero who finds the story of faith too good not to […]