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Category Archives: Thought For The Day

‘Just By Being Here All Our Numbers Came Up’

Good Morning. The chances are you’ll play it tonight – or someone in your family will. The National Lottery – some 70% of us play regularly. Sissy, 84, is the oldest member in our church syndicate. The Church has never been a fan of the Lottery but Sissy is… she’s so sure our numbers will […]

‘Thoughts and Prayers’

Good Morning. A famous entertainer endures the final days of illness. She’s ‘in our thoughts and prayers.’ Out of the blue an ordinary family face a terrible tragedy. ‘Our thoughts and prayers are with them.’ Innocent civilians, caught in a warzone. ‘They’re in our thoughts and prayers’. In a post-Christian culture like ours, sometimes the […]

‘Include Your Giving In Your Cost Of Living’

Good Morning. Lady Gaga and Bill Gates have done it but David Cameron and Barack Obama have not. Russell Brand and Oprah Winfrey have been soaked while Stephen Hawking’s kids did it for him. Someone you know probably did it this week – then posted the video online. This is the Ice Bucket Challenge. A […]

‘What People Will Say About You When Your Life Is Over’

Good Morning. We recently started a family. This week one of the kids graduated from University. Where do the years go? Many schools broke up for summer yesterday – young people are waiting for results or looking for work. You remember when that was you, you notice how quickly the days pass, how soon your […]

“Fridge Magnet Faith’

Good Morning. A small child looked me in the eye the other day, after I’d been sharing some grown up wisdom for life. ‘That is so cheesy,’ he said, ‘I can taste it in my mouth.’ Not bad for someone of such tender years – almost good enough for a fridge magnet. I looked the […]

‘Hey Mister… your hat’s on fire.’

Good Morning. A while ago the cover of Private Eye carried a photo of an Archbishop of Canterbury. He was wearing a fetching technicolour mitre on his head, red & green tongues of flame lacerating around it. A small boy was looking up at him and the speech bubble from his mouth read, ‘Hey Mister […]

‘A More Promising View Of History’

Good morning – and here is the news. Smallpox has been eradicated and polio is almost gone. If you’re a woman in sub-Saharan Africa you’ll probably live till you’re 57 – sixteen years more than your grandmother, who might have made it to 41. Actually, none of that is really the news because it didn’t […]