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Category Archives: Thought For The Day

WD40 that oils the creaking hinges of our friendships

The F word. It’s one of the most provocative in the English language. We use it sparingly. It takes us by surprise, going against our natural instincts. The F Word is forgiveness. Some people can practice it. Jill Saward, who has died this week, was among them. She became a household name after being attacked […]


Good Morning. A new section in The New York Times features the novelist Charlotte Bronte, the poet Sylvia Plath, the transgender activist Marsha P Johnson and Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer. The section is called Overlooked and most of its subjects are women or people of colour because – as the paper says – it overlooked […]

How the practice of faith is good for the soul…

Most weeks I play football with a bunch of other middle-aged men defying time’s wear & tear… along with some much younger and faster players. With no referee and in the heat of the moment, we sometimes get decisions wrong. Was that a foul? A penalty? The action replay comes afterwards, via selective memory, over […]

Giving Flowers To Strangers

I had never heard of Jack Webber until a funeral notice in the Daily Telegraph last week which described him as a ‘charmer, clock-collector, wit and Royal Navy Commander’. He had died at 101 but what struck me, was the simple request in the final line of the notice. It said, ‘To commemorate Jack, please […]

‘Welcome To The Age of Uncertainty’

‘Good Morning… and welcome to the age of uncertainty. I had to look the phrase up after I noticed it on the faces of my children. The age when all bets are off. When your country has voted to head out of the European Union and both those who are elated about it – and […]

‘To practice being people it may take a lifetime to become…’

Good Morning. As the buses trundle by and passing pedestrians look on quizzically, tomorrow morning I’ll join a hundred others in the garden of our parish church. Slightly self-consciously we’ll wave palm crosses in the air and sing a hymn. Then, with relief, we’ll follow the choir through the old oak doors and into church. […]

‘Shakespeare or Scripture?’

Good Morning. Take a listen to these expressions: ‘Wild goose chase’? ‘Wear your heart on your sleeve’? ‘Mum’s the word’? Are they Shakespeare… or are they Scripture? What about: ‘By the skin of your teeth’? ‘Fight the good fight’? Or ‘Eat drink and be merry’? This month marks the 400th anniversary of the death of […]

‘The Wisdom Of The Old…’

Good Morning. Mary and Alf will probably be listening to this, the radio’s usually on over breakfast. Later there may be a visit to the old folk in town. Sometimes, walking the road back from the care home, a driver will slow down and ask Mary if she needs a lift. But at 88 she […]

‘Football Measures Our Days…’

The football season is reaching its climax. Should Man Utd or Spurs lose this weekend, then 5000/1 outsiders Leicester City will become Premiership Champions. Can a team bereft of superstars, who narrowly avoided relegation a year ago, really do it? On Thursday my own team conceded a last-minute equaliser and were held to a draw. […]

‘Disappear and disconnect yourself…’

A while ago the rock band Radiohead recorded a song called ‘How To Disappear Completely’. This week they tried to do just that. Their website faded to blank. Facebook and Twitter feeds were erased, leaving only a mysterious Instagram clip. A clay model of a chirping blackbird. This absence made the hearts of fans grow […]