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Front cover-sWhat if the Gospel wasn’t a book but a person? The one sitting next to you. What if the gospel truth was found in the honest faith and doubt of a life like yours?

The sister who lost her brother to cancer. The war hero who finds the story of faith too good not to be true. The artist whose journey through mental illness became a kind of blessing. The woman who thought she wasn’t good enough to be a Christian. The man who had to leave church to find himself.

What if the person next to you is a limited edition of The Gospel According to Everyone?

‘Stories [with] an eloquence which exceeds most of the sermons I have preached and heard.’

Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, from the foreword


It is not easy to lose your life
Without becoming dead…

Stop for a moment, be still, pay attention. The signs of life reveal themselves. How your children grew up and your body packed up. That bird through the window, why you woke in the night. The receipts in your wallet, an intimidating email. Domestic dramas interrupting grander dreams. The intangible treasure of friendship, the bittersweet farewell, the communion of saints, all the names we make up for God. ‘It is not easy to lose your life But it’s the only way to find it.’

Also available as an ebook or on Kindle (US) or Kindle (UK).


If you’ve ever been to a church service chances are you heard a reading from one of the four Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. But what if we were to hear from a Fifth Gospel, from the stories of the people sitting next to us? The woman who gave up her child for adoption. The gardener who notices God in the roses. The gay man shunned by his children. The mother being beaten by her husband. The atheist who found he’d become a believer. What if we heard from The Gospel According To Everyone? Twelve short stories of faith and doubt, of love and longing by people you may recognise from a church you’ve never been to.

Available as an ebook in the iBookstore, or on Kindle 



Earth. Water. Air. Fire The stuff that matters. In a series of extended meditations, Malcolm Doney and Martin Wroe explore each of the four elements as a way of asking who we are, what we’re made of … and why we’re here. The stuff of life. Earth. Water. Air. Fire With illustrations by Rob Pepper.

Available as an ebook in the iBookstore, on Kindle and as a book on Lulu.