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‘While Stocks Last…’

‘Faith enlightens the path behind you but, as a rule, in front of you it is still dark.’

The words of the Franciscan friar Richard Rohr capture many of the stories of faith and doubt in the second volume of The Gospel According To Everyone. The sister who lost her brother to cancer. The artist whose journey through mental illness became a kind of blessing. The woman who finds peace walking her dog in the woods. The sixty-something child caring for her eighty-something mother in the long years of forgetting. The homeless man interrogating the immortal invisible like a sceptical Psalmist for failing to provide a roof over his head.

You might read their stories and come to understand your own better. You might wonder if your doubts are so certain, or your faith so sure. ‘All theology,’ says Frederich Buechner, ‘like all fiction, is at its heart autobiography.’

This latest collection of broken gospels has attracted a little coverage lately so, while stocks last, help yourself to a FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD.

‘The Gospel According To Everyone:faith, hope and love in the life of the person sitting next to you.’

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