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Parables of Faith and Doubt

Rob-smallThe reading today is from the life of a sixty-something woman caring for her eighty-something mother. It’s  about how she loses her a little more every day and finds a place for her tears in church. It’s from the life of a homeless man who interrogates the immortal, invisible for failing to provide a roof over his head. It’s from the life of an artist who reflects on her journey into and through and out of madness and is able to call it some kind of blessing.

The readings today are from a new collection of The Gospel According To Everyone, stories of people who looked back on their lives and sometimes noticed a light illuminating their way. They  discovered a truth in the words of Richard Rohr, that ‘Faith enlightens the path behind you but, as a rule, in front of you it is still dark.’

If being part of a church was ever a moment in your week then across that grey horizon of services – too rarely glinting with the sense of something true – it may not be the songs or sermons, the drama of liturgy or slow turning calendar of festival, that you recall.  It may be that sweet old lady who always said she’d pray for you. The teenager in his wheelchair brought by his carer. The woman who died before you really got to know her. That guy who seemed to have it all together, until it all fell apart. They probably never told their story in public, never walked to a lectern or stood in a pulpit but you met the truth when you met them. ‘All theology, like all fiction,’ says Frederick Buechner, ‘Is at its heart autobiography.’

The Gospel According to Everyone: parables of faith and doubt, love and longing from people you may recognise in a place you’ve never been to.

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